Day Care

Day Play & Day Board & Day Lessons

Our day care services include Day Play, Day Board and Day Lessons. For those clients already in our rotation, our convenient drive-thru makes drop-off and pick-up a breeze.

Day Play activities range from individual sessions with staff to vigorous romps with new pet friends in our indoor and outdoor parks. Day Board is perfect for the pet who needs some daytime monitoring or extra potty walks.

As an add-on, we offer weekday lessons and our staff are always eager to help with improving communication, skills, performance, relationship and more.

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The Spruce Room Salon

Whether it’s a seasonal spruce-up or a competition edge, you can trust Janelle and Dani, our seasoned experts, provide the professional service you want. They are skilled not only in traditional trims, but also in creative and colorful styling.

At The Spruce Room Salon, we offer the full range of services, from baths and brushes, to nails and ears, trims and styling. Making your pet comfortable and helping him or her enjoy the DWK experience is a priority for all our staff.

Our philosophy includes taking time to go at the pet’s pace (sometimes offering multiple breaks), prioritizing pet health and comfort over owner vanity, and building toward an ultimate outcome.

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Quality of Care is our Hallmark!

We provide top-quality care for pets during sleepovers in facilities with clean and spacious accommodation, natural light and fresh air. The rooms have soothing background music or pet-themed TV entertainment, and the friendly, compassionate and attentive staff, ensure a well-loved vacation experience for every pet.

During the stay, safety is our first priority, followed by pet comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the DogWood experience. Cat Condos are also available, providing separate and exclusive areas for our feline guests.

Various accommodation options are available, such as the Midways for small to mid-sized dogs, the Glass Flats for more space, the Deluxe Suites for luxury amenities, and the Ultimate Suites for an extra-large experience.

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Sleep Overs


Make DogWood’s Outfield YOUR private play space

Our established and approved Day Play clients have the opportunity to reserve our large, fenced “outfield” for their dog to run off their “zoomies.” Clients can reserve the Outfield for an exclusive hour to get some fresh air and sunshine, play ball, toss a frisbee, practice some obedience skills, or simply roam free while maintaining some safe social distancing. 

You think these dogs will not be in Heaven, I tell you they will be there long before any of us. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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