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Groomers Emily Redmon and Janelle Biggs Reba gets her bath. Skeet in Bath It takes a bit of attitude.

Meet Janelle Biggs, DogWood's Groomer

Our Spruce Room Salon offers the full range of salon services, from baths and brushes, to nails and ears, trims and styling. Whether it's a seasonal spruce-up or a competition edge, you can trust Janelle to give you the professional service you want. She specializes in breed standard cuts as well as coat and skin care. She is not only skilled in traditional trims, but also accomplished in creative and colorful styling. She and our staff are exceptional at making your pet comfortable and helping him or her enjoy the DWK experience. Our staff can give you an estimate for your groom requests, and Janelle will assess each pet to quote individual haircuts and styling prices, depending upon coat-type and upkeep. In order to keep all of our guests safe and well, salon guests are asked to meet the same requirements for vaccinations as other DWK guests. Additional required forms are available on the Reservations & Forms page of this website. Call us at 765.429.4050 to make an appointment. You can also email info@dwkennel.com for further information.


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