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Janelle & Ruby Reba gets her bath. Skeet in Bath Janelle in Shower

Meet Janelle Biggs and Dani Sosbe, DogWood's Groomers

Our Spruce Room Salon offers the full range of salon services, from baths and brushes, to nails and ears, trims and styling. Whether it's a seasonal spruce-up or a competition edge, you can trust Janelle and Dani to give you the professional service you want. They specialize in breed standard cuts as well as coat and skin care. They are skilled not only in traditional trims, but also in creative and colorful styling.  Making your pet comfortable and helping him or her enjoy the DWK experience is a priority for all our staff. Our receptionists can give you an estimate for your groom requests, and Janelle or Dani will assess each pet to quote individual haircuts and styling prices, depending upon coat-type and upkeep. In order to keep all of our guests safe and well, salon guests are asked to meet the same requirements for vaccinations as other DWK guests. Additional rep-requisite forms (Owner Agreement and Medical Release) are available on the Reservations & Forms page of this website. Regularly scheduled attendance is necessary for those clients' pups with heavy coats that tend to mat. Our philosophy includes taking time to go at the pet's pace (sometimes offering multiple breaks), prioritizing pet health and comfort over owner vanity, and building toward an ultimate outcome, not always achievable at the first visit.  Our Groom Salon books weeks in advance, so call us at 765.429.4050 to check on availability. You can also email info@dwkennel.com for further information.


  • Baths & Brushouts (includes nail buffs or trims)
  • Styles & Trims
  • Ear Plucking & Potty Patches
  • Teeth Brushing & Nail Colors

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