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DayPlay & DayBoard & Day Lessons
DayPlay & DayBoard & Day Lessons
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DayPlay & DayBoard & Day Lessons

Drop-off DayPlay, DayBoard, and DaySchool are currently at maximum capacity. You are welcome to call for Monday through Friday availability, and we can place you on our wait-list. For those clients already in our rotation, our convenient drive-thru makes drop-off and pick-up a breeze. On weekdays, lobby hours are from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning and from 4:30 to 6:30 in the afternoon. Alternate drop-off and pick-up times can be arranged in advance. DayPlay while Boarding is available to our boarders for a steep discount. Please call (765) 429-4050 to discuss options for these programs with the DWK staff.

DayPlay — $40.00 a day after assessment

Pets enrolled in DayPlay can socialize with people and new pet friends. DayPlay activities range from individual sessions with staff to vigorous romps with new pet friends in our indoor and outdoor parks. Nature walks on wooded paths are an option, weather permitting. Pets wanting to enroll in group DayPlay must be assessed for social compatibility and play style before being allowed to join group activities. Make an appointment for a one-hour DayPlay Enrollment Assessment (a one-time $40 fee) or an Assessment Stay-and-Play ($55 for the first day). Purchase a 10 day package for $340.00 for use within a calendar year. Many of our boarders participate in DayPlay, assuming a successful assessment, for the discounted rate of $20 a day while boarding. Drop-off DayPlay for non-boarders is available only Monday through Friday. 

DayBoard — Rates are the same as overnight boarding and depend on selected accommodation

DayBoard accommodations include all the amenities of our standard boarding. DayBoard is perfect for the pet who needs some daytime monitoring or extra potty walks. Pets who want to watch the activity without breaking a sweat will still receive customized individual care with DWK DayBoard. DayBoard is also ideal for the pet who does not play well with others but who needs daytime care and attention. DayBoard clients are housed in an appropriate-sized room and charged accordingly. DayBoard is available Monday through Friday. 

Day Lessons -- $30 to $60 a weekday add-on lesson

Small changes can make big differences! DWK is pleased to be able to offer weekday lessons as an add-on to DayPlay, DayBoard, or regular boarding. Lessons are $30 to $60, depending on complexity of the skills desired. The first lesson includes a consultation with Dani Sosbe, our DWK Training Coordinator, who will perform an assessment and conduct a mini-lesson with your dog, prepare a plan for your at-home follow-up as well as a staff in-house plan for consistency and reinforcement, and create a proposal for an individualized training program for your pet. Whether you are wanting to improve communication, skills, performance, or relationship, the DogWood staff are eager to help. 

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