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About Us
About Us
Dustin and Sonny Swacho Janelle and Ruby Charlotte with Lucy and Denali Dani with Calliope and Loki Brynn and Paz Libby and Koda Alissa and Lily

About Us

DogWood Kennel is owned by a mother-daughter pair who are passionate about animals.  We have created an environment where animals feel as if they have a second home.  DWK is a place pets want to visit.  We want you and your pets to be excited—every time they come. DWK's staff is simply the best! They are compassionate, fun-loving and animal-centered! Meet their pets and read their profiles in our Gallery collection.

Get to know Pat & Ann

Pat Brettnacher is an animal enthusiast: dogs, cats, and horses make her life fun and furry!  She and her husband, Chuck, are farmers who enjoy camping and spending time with their grandkids.  Pat taught English at Delphi Community High School before retiring to build and manage DWK.  Her master's degree from Purdue University is in English Education, so along with her love of animals, she brings an understanding of learning, communication, and organization to the business.

Ann Shallenberger is busy with three dogs, a cat, and three children. Ann's husband, Bill, created the waterwall feature in our lobby—come see it!  When you visit, you are likely to find one of their three kids greeting guests.  They are Brynn, Will, and Lanie.  Ann's master's degree from the University of Chicago is in Social Services Administration, and she works in human resources in healthcare.  Along with her enthusiasm for animals and people, she adds leadership, training, and management skills to the DWK mix. 

STAFF PHOTOS (starting top left)
Dustin Clevenger & friend Sonny 
Janelle Biggs & Ruby
Charlotte Plantenga, Lucy & Denali
Dani Sosbe with Calliope & Loki
Brynn Shallenberger & Paz
Libby Patterson & Koda

Photos courtesy of Cheryl Strong

Additional staff pics are coming for Stephanie West, Alison DeBoy, Toni Davisson, Alissa Baldwin, Alyssa Wilburn, Ella Bryan, Will Shallenberger, and Shae Webster.

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